Elementary school students gain insights into future jobs at the airport


In the last few weeks a diverse group of Isavia experts working on the major development plan of the airport visited students in Heiðarskóli elementary school. Such visits aim to offer students inside information on what it is like working at Keflavík Airport and what jobs are needed in the future for its development. The sessions are meant to activate the students‘ creativity, challenge stereotypes and offer opportunities for open discussions.

Near the end of May, teenage students in the 9th and 10th grade received a visit from Isavia where future jobs at the airport were introduced, and stereotypes on working at airports and in construction were challenged. Isavia‘s staff discussed the airport‘s major development plan, detailing how the airport will change and evolve over the next 25 years and what types of jobs will be created during that time. The students were encouraged to guess which job each of the guests had and then got the chance ask questions.

In early June Isavia met with younger 4th grade students in a fun and creative session that addressed the airport community, its working environment and future developments. Isavia tasked the students with assisting its experts in designing an education center for the airport. It is safe to say that there was no shortage of ideas. Using reusable materials collected before the session, the students built their education centers, resulting in fun and original models that will undoubtedly inspire Isavia in its future developments. All groups had the same idea, to incorporate virtual reality into the education center so that children could test out different jobs. The session ended with a presentation on education centers at Manchester and Krakow airports and a discussion about what elements the students could be incorporated at Keflavik Airport.

Isavia‘s sustainability policy emphasizes working with the community and increasing social value through sharing mutual knowledge and experiences. Visits such as this one are in an important part of this policy, and the students provide great inspiration to Isavia‘s staff as well. In light of the success of Heiðarskóli, Isavia is now looking at expanding this project.