About KEF+

Responsible Development for Continuous Improvement

KEF+ is the driving force behind all of Isavia's development projects at the airport. The projects aim to improve the airport according to the needs of the community and the passengers who pass through it. The plus represents more: more room, improved capacity, and better services.

Keflavik Airport is the main gateway into the country and plays a vital role in supporting and sustaining prosperity and quality of life in Iceland. Since its opening, the scope of the airport’s activities has evolved alongside the community and its ever-growing number of passengers. As the increase grew exponentially, so did the need for a comprehensive vision for future development. Isavia is working systematically to make this vision a reality, bridging the gap between the present and the future of the airport.

KEF+ contributes to the continuous development of Keflavik Airport so that it can always meet the needs of the public, passengers, airlines, and others who operate at or out of the airport. Expanding the terminal, enhancing infrastructure, and improving both the runway system and access to the terminal are all examples of projects that will make it possible for Keflavik Airport to grow. This is done by offering a better experience and services, taking advantage of technological advancement, and creating new opportunities.

As these developments are taking place, thousands of travelers continue to pass through Keflavik Airport every single day and their needs continue to be a priority. Through active dialogue with the airport community, KEF+ will work to minimize the effects of construction on Keflavik Airport’s operations.

The Keflavik Airport development project is a massive investment in the future, financed by revenue from the airport’s operations. It is based on a 25-year plan, with sustainability and the benefit of the community, serving as guiding principles to ensure the responsible development of Keflavik Airport.

  • Better experience

    A larger terminal will improve passengers‘ experience with better access to services and more space.

  • Responsible construction

    Clear and measurable sustainability goals reduce the cost and impact of the constructions on the environment and surrounding communities.

  • Better services

    o Developing the terminal and runways ensures better service for passengers and airlines.

  • Long term solutions

    A 25-year plan ensures that decisions for the development of Keflavík Airport are made with long term goals in mind.

The Keflavik Airport Masterplan is a vision for how the airport can evolve to support the future needs of passengers and the surrounding community.

The Masterplan establishes criteria for long-term thinking and ensures a responsible approach to decision-making at every step of the way. Construction of Keflavik Airport will take place in phases, the scope of which is determined by passenger numbers and other factors.

The 25-year-development plan is based on long-term forecasts of passenger numbers. The plan was first introduced in 2015 after consulting with the airport community, the local community, and other stakeholders. Updates to the plan are expected every five years in order to ensure that the development of the airport fully aligns with the needs of the community and passenger numbers, and creates a platform for regular consultation with stakeholders. The current plan is valid until 2045, following an update in 2022.

A glimpse into the future