Everyone's Cooperation is Essential


"Isavia's share capital was increased during the pandemic, in order to support development and make Keflavík Airport better equipped to deal with the recovery that happended last summer, while airports around the world were going through difficult times," said Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir, Minister of Tourism at Isavia's morning meeting.

Isavia's morning meeting on the responsible development of Keflavík Airport and passenger forecast for 2023 was held December 1, last year. The Minister of Tourism opened the meeting, in her speech she pointed out that one of the key conditions for Iceland's success is easy transportation to the rest of the world. Lilja Dögg also said that countries that have a convenient geographical location will do better, with more economic growth. As a result, it would be a source of wealth in this country to handle connecting flights well.

"It is quite clear that we are in a building phase and you can count on my ministry and count on the government to enter this future in cooperation with you. It is in the interest of all of us to do this in a responsible and sustainable way," said Lilja Dögg and emphasized the importance of strengthening the infrastructure and the framework of the tourism industry in good cooperation with all concerned.

At the meeting, Isavia's passenger forecast was presented, with expectations of 7.8 million passengers to pass through Keflavík Airport in 2023. That is the third highest number of passengers in one year since its inception. Isavia's tourist forecast was also published, which assumes that 2.2 million tourists will come to Iceland in 2023. It is the second largest number of tourists who have come here in one year, but in the record year 2018, 2.3 million came to this country.