Jómfrúin restaurant is ready to go!

The one and only Jómfrú restaurant has opened at Keflavík Airport.

The one and only Jómfrú restaurant has opened at Keflavík Airport. Jómfrúin, a well known restaurant to many nationals, offers Danish spreads but also classic warm dishes, a selection of cakes and tarts and, of course, all kinds of drinks.

"We‘re very excited for the new times ahead for Jómfrúin. I have long been quite interested in setting up shop at the airport. In my opinion, a restaurant like Jómfrúin belongs in the Keflavík airport environment. For the past few years, I've been following the new airport focus and trends, both at Kastrup Airport and Gardermoen and I think it's a cool approach that people's experience of the city they visit can extend to an international airport. Keflavík Airport is the main gateway into Iceland, but the airport is also the gateway to the city of Reykjavík, where my place has proudly operated for almost 28 years. We at Jómfrúin are looking forward to offering the great triple to airport guests; The Danish spread, ale and schnapps," says Jakob E. Jakobsson, owner of the Jómfrúin.

Classic spreads, such as egg & shrimp, the red snapper and the roast beef, will all be in place. A selection of beer on tap and draft beers will of course also be at hand to be enjoyed with the spread - or on its own. It is ideal to have a nice time at Jómfrúin before the flight, but for those who do not have time for that, it will also be possible to get ready-made slices of delicious spreads quickly and easily to enjoy later.

The international company SSP is responsible for the operation of Jómfrúin at Keflavík Airport, but the company specializes in the operation of restaurants at airports and operates over 2,600 such places around the world.

"We at SSP are extremely happy for the opening of the Jómfrúin restaurant at the Keflavík Airport. In our opinion, it is a really good addition to the existing offers at the airport. We hope that passengers will take the opportunity to start their vacation even earlier than usually and enjoy what we have to offer, in a pleasant environment that many people already know, from Jómfrúin in the Reykjavík city center," says Jón Haukur Baldvinsson, SSP's manager in Iceland.

The Jómfrúin restaurant has already been opened and is located next to the Eyesland optical store, where the Penninn/Eymundsson bookstore used to be.