Vocational education in FS


Last Wednesday, October 18, the staff of Isavia and the consulting company Mace visited Fjölbrautskóli Suðurnesja, the local junior highschool. The aim of the visit was to present to the senior class the diverse jobs that are generally available at the airport, as well as to introduce jobs that have been created in connection with the expansion of the terminal. Staff who hold different jobs within Isavia and Mace presented their jobs and experiences, told about their education, hobbies and other things that have influenced their career development.

The visit is part of Isavia's and Mace's efforts to have a positive impact on the local community, where employees from the two companies regularly visit local educational institutions with presentations or projects that benefit students.

The students welcomed the guests and asked them a quite a few questions, which is a sign of their interest in the work that takes place at the airport.

It is extremely valuable for Isavia and the airport community that staff give their time and energy to a project like this. It is important that the residents of the Suðurnes region, as well as potential future workers, are informed about what is happening at the airport and how it affects the whole community.