More options for travelers


The first new restaurants will soon be opened at Keflavík Airport.

New locations are usually announced after the results of Isavia's tenders are published, but then there is still work to be done to complete the locations. Now in May, however, it is time for the first locations to be opened, so now is the ideal time to review what lies ahead.

The restaurant Elda opens in mid-May The restaurant will be in a bistro style and will offer hot and cold dishes but also fast service. In June, the restaurant Jómfrúin, which is already well known to the locals, opens and offers authentic Danish open faced sandwiches. In the middle of summer, the first Bakað place of the two opens. Fresh bread, pizzas, salads and a selection of healthy juice drinks will be on offer. The second Bakað location will be opened this fall. In the run-up to Christmas, Loksins bar, which many people are familiar with, will reopen in a new location as Loksins café & bar.

In addition to these places, the pizza place Sbarro has already joined the restaurant scene at Keflavík Airport with a so-called pop-up place. Many people know the place, but it offers ready-made pizzas, salads and lasagna, among other dishes. There are also many good restaurants in the terminal. Mathús, Nord, Segafredo, Maikai and Loksins bar can all be found soon after exiting the Duty Free store after security screening, and then there are the places Hjá Höllu and Kvikk Café which are located in the D-side area, after walking out of the gangway.

The opening of a new eyewear store, Eyesland, is fast approaching. The planned opening is in mid-May, but until then you can grab glasses at the Eyesland pop-up store. There are also numerous other temptations to be found in the shops that are already in the terminal. The first departing passengers are Fríhöfnin, Elko, Rammagerðin, 66°Norður, Blue Lagoon and Penninn Eymundsson. Inside the terminal is the jewelry store Jens, as well as several of the aforementioned stores with branches; Penninn Eymundsson, Rammagerðin, 66°Norður, Fríhöfnin and Mathús.

As you can see, there is a wide selection of shops and restaurants at the airport, so it is ideal to spend some time in the terminal before your flight.