Testing New Passport Control Building

On Tuesday, January 17, a test drive took place at the new Passport Control Building area at Station 6 at Keflavík Airport. The goal was, among other things, to ensure that all signage is sufficiently clear and understandable.


On Tuesday, January 17, a test run was carried out on the new arrival border area at Station 6. A flow and response test was carried out on the new flow boundary that will be put in use later this year.

Volunteers from Isavia and other companies operating at the airport took on the role of passengers and went through the new arrivals area. The aim of the test was i.a. to make sure that all signs are sufficiently clear and understandable. Tests like this are an important part of the ORAT methodology, which has been implemented in the expansion project at Keflavík Airport.

ORAT (Operational Readiness, Activation & Transition) is a method used to ensure that in projects, such as those started at Keflavík Airport, everything is ready at a predetermined time. This applies to buildings, various systems and processes - and of course staff. Our customers, such as airlines, make their plans far in advance. Therefore it is important to connect them and other stakeholders with the projects so that everything will be ready on time. We decided to implement ORAT in the expansion project at Keflavík Airport and we hope that the experience that will be gained can be used in the projects of other parties in the future for the benefit of Icelandic society.

The new arrival border area is currently in a temporary extension building that will be used until a new and permanent facility can be established in the new Connection Building, which is currently being designed. In accordance with the emphasis on re-cycling and re-use during the development of Keflavík Airport, the building is designed in such a way that it can be taken down and used for other purposes when its role in border control ends.