Bæjarins Beztu open a third hot dog stand in Keflavík Airport


Bæjarins beztu pylsur has expanded its presence in Keflavík Airport by opening its third location – now situated in the departure hall adjacent to the passport control area. Originating with a branch in the arrivals hall within the 10-11 store since 2021, the renowned hot dog seller added a new stand this summer in the south building, catering to passengers bound for the UK, USA, and other non-Schengen countries.

This new hot dog stand operates as a "pop-up" restaurant, set to delight travelers for a year. The Bæjarins Beztu hot dog stands have garnered immense popularity among airport guests. With the opening of this additional stand in the departure hall, all travelers now have the opportunity to enjoy a hot dog "with everything" before embarking on their journeys.

"The hot dog stand introduced this summer has been a huge hit, and the branded t-shirts and hoodies have become sought-after items among tourists. Not only are the hot dogs delicious, but the swift service caters perfectly to travelers in a rush. We are thrilled to expand our offerings with an additional hot dog stand in the departures hall," says Gunnhildur Erla Vilbergsdóttir, department head of retail and catering at Isavia.

Bæjarins Beztu now operates 11 hot dog stands in total. Seven in the capital area and four in Suðurnes.