Loksins returns to KEF Airport

Loksins Café & Bar has returned to Keflavík Airport here, now offering refreshing drinks and delicious food in an elegant new space designed by HAF studio.


Loksins Café & Bar has reopened at Keflavík Airport again. In addition to offering a wide range of drinks, as the airport's guests enjoyed in recent years, Loksins will offer a varied menu with freshly baked, handmade pastries, breakfast bowls, salads, fresh ciabatta and other delicious hot dishes.

Chef Semjon Karopka, head chef at the restaurants Pasta in Borg 29 Food Hall and Hipstur in Gróðurhúsin in Hveragerði, is the head chef at Loksin Bar & Café.

"I am very much looking forward to reopening Loksins Café & Bar at the airport in a new form and am very proud of the menu we will offer to the airport's guests. The focus will be on Icelandic ingredients and we have been developing new dishes and will offer an appetizing selection of both food and drink so that everyone should be able to find something to their liking. We will have an excellent selection of good breakfast dishes, Icelandic pastries and all kinds of small dishes that tickle the taste buds and fit well with the Loksins Café & Bar atmosphere from morning to night," says Semjon.

The new location of Loksins Bar & Café is at the C gate of the airport, in the immediate vicinity of the Hjá Höllu restaurant.

HAF Studio was in charge of the design of the new Loksins where the focus was on acoustics in an attempt to create a warm bar and cafe atmosphere.

"Finally, we open Loksins Café & Bar again and now have a much larger area in a beautiful and bright space in the south building of the airport. HAF Studio has thought through every detail to create a comfortable space for guests to experience a true Icelandic city center atmosphere," says Gunnhildur Erla Vilbergsdóttir, department head of retail and catering at Keflavík Airport. "We are constantly refining the airport's visitor experience.

Loksins Café & Bar is a must-stop for many of our guests, and we have truly missed the visitors at Loksins. We are happy to be able to offer this good stopping point again, now in a bigger and improved form."