In design

The heart of Keflavik Airport

A new building connecting the North and South Buildings is set to be the heart of Keflavik Airport. All passengers will pass through it; arriving, departing, as well as transiting passengers.

The connecting building is part of the second major phase of the Keflavik Airport development project. Not only will the connecting building join the original terminal with the South Building, but it will also vastly improve service for passengers with connections via Keflavik Airport. Together with the East Wing, which is currently under construction, this new building will expand the terminal by 70%.

What are our goals?

  • Connects spaces

    The new connecting building, called the heart of Keflavik Airport, will connect the northern and southern parts of the terminal.

  • Necessary for further expansion

    The new connecting building will make it possible to expand the airport in the future.

  • A little bit of everything

    The heart of the airport will feature a new dining area, entry border, three waiting areas, and a bus gate.

  • One of two big projects

    The new connecting building is one of two major projects of the next few years.

A bright new central space will make for a better connection between the wings of the terminal. The passageway will be widened, and facilities for arriving passengers improved with better passport control, a new duty-free shop, and increased service areas. The gate at the passageway will also be updated with a larger waiting area.

The connecting building’s intended purpose earns it the name Heart of Keflavik Airport. Design work is currently underway, and construction is anticipated to begin in 2024.

The Heart of Keflavik Airport in numbers

  • Surface area 27,000m2

    The connecting building will be almost 27,000m2, similar to the music hall Harpa at Reykjavíkurhöfn.

  • Base area 9,432m2

    The base area of the connecting building will be 9,432 square meters, which is slightly smaller than Egilshöll soccer hall.

  • Width 127m

    The connecting building is 127m at it's widest, equivalent to Harpa Concert Hall, corner to corner.

  • Length 134m

    The full length of the building is 134m long, the same distance from the terminal of Keflavík Airport to the long-term parking lots.