Mike connects everything

A new taxiway at Keflavík Airport has been put into use.

Keflavik Airport’s newest taxiway opened in 2023 and has been named Mike. Mike connects the apron and the runway. The purpose of Mike is to speed up the runway system security with improved arrival and departure flow. Aircraft enter and exit runways faster than before, increasing the runway system’s performance capacity and expediting ground handling of aircraft.

This reduces the need for a new runway, while also improving the passenger experience by allowing them to board sooner.

What are our goals?

  • Shorter distances

    Mike reduces time between landings as well as aircraft taxiing distance.

  • How big is Mike?

    The taxiway is 1,200m long and 35m wide.

  • Enhanced security

    Mike contributes to improved runway system security by improving flow.

  • Completion summer of 2023

    Most of the construction was completed in 2022, with some parts remaining until summer of 2023.

Pictures of Mike under construction

Mike in numbers

  • Length 1,200m

    Mike is 1,200m long. For perspective, the bridge over Skeiðará River - the longest bridge in Iceland - is only 880m long.

  • Width 35m

    Mike is 35m wide, similar to the total width of the Reykjanes Highway road bed at its widest point.

  • Asphalt

    The amount of asphalt used in the construction of Mike could pave 35 football fields.

  • 2023

    Mike opened in the summer of 2023, and around 85% of construction took place in the summer of 2022.