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A spacious South Building makes the journey more enjoyable

A spacious South Building makes the journey more enjoyable

The South Building is currently located to the south of the original terminal, now typically referred to as the North Building. The building opened in 2001 and was expanded just over a decade later to accommodate the increasing number of passengers traveling through the airport. Constructions for further expansion of the South Building are scheduled to begin in 2023 and are expected to be complete in 2024, adding 1,900m2 to the building. The changes will include vastly improved passenger facilities, for example, a larger waiting area and new departure gates as well as an expanded dining and shopping area.

What are our goals?

  • Better facilities for passengers

    Expansion of the South Building includes improving passenger facilities at the departure gates at the east end of the building.

  • Larger waiting area

    The waiting area for departing passengers will be expanded making the waiting time even more comfortable.

  • Exciting shops and restaurants

    Expansion of the South Building includes increasing the variety of shops and restaurants for passengers

  • Estimated completion

    The expanded South Building formally opened at Keflavík Airport in 2018. The next expansion is scheduled to begin in 2023 and completion is set for 2024.

Improved services by expanding the annex

By the mid 90s, the terminal’s capacity had reached its limit and it had become clear further expansion was needed. This increased need for expansion was largely due to Iceland’s full membership of the Schengen Agreement, which required full separation of passengers inside and outside of the Schengen Area. The new South Building, located to the south of the old terminal, which is now colloquially known as the North Building, was brought into use in 2001.

Just over a decade later, however, it became clear that the South Building needed to expand. This expansion has proven itself to be a necessary part of the Keflavík Airport development project after the number of passengers increased dramatically from 2010 onward, particularly those flying to and from North America and the UK and Ireland.

Now the time has come to expand the South Building yet again, with a 1900m2, two-storey annex offering vastly improved services for passengers.

South building in numbers

  • Surface area 1,900m2

    The South Building will be expanded by a total of 1,900 m2, equivalent to the Hamraborg Library and Cultural Centre in Kópavogur.

  • Length 30m

    The annex will be 30m long, the same length as the cathedral in Skálholt.

  • Width 26m

    The South Building expansion will measure 26m wide. A basketball court, by comparison, is 28m long.

  • Height 14m

    The full height is 14m, similar to that of a four-storey apartment building.